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What is remote control duplicator?


Benefits of remote control duplicator:

1.Remote Duplicator is the easiest and cheapest way to duplicate any wireless remote, car key, or garage door opener. With this gadget, you can duplicate your existing remote controls by transferring signals so you always have a backup if you lose one.

2.4 channel remote control system with anti theft/one click anti theft lets you control your gadgets, cars, homes and garages. It can clone up to four remote buttons from different remotes, so you can carry up to four remotes at once! The letter corresponding to each remote key (A, B, C, & D) opens a different remote control.

3.Portable keychain design. Small and compact, easy to use and carry. Multi-functional and multi-variable. Personalized and user-friendly.

4.Remote and stable work, the working distance is 50m/54.68yd, a good replacement for the original remote control.

5.Wireless remote control duplicator for short-distance and long-distance wireless switchgear, suitable for controlling electric doors, garage doors, motors, curtains, cars, motorbikes, etc.

Feature of remote control duplicator:

1.You can use this gadget to duplicate your existing remote controls so you always have a backup in case you lose your original.

2.It can copy up to four remote buttons from the same or different remotes, allowing you to carry four remotes in one! Each corresponding letter (A, B, C, & D) opens a different remote control.

3.Instead of carrying two keys, you can use one remote control to open your garage door and unlock your car.

4.Using data encryption, the seamless infrared connection is secure and safe to use.

5.Each password is stored individually, so you can copy any compatible wireless remote key.

Main features and functions of duplicating gate remote control:

Copying remotes with constant, variable and dynamic code

High compatibility with remote controls from other remote control manufacturers - duplicating over 300 different brands of remote controls

Working frequency range: 280-868MHz

Possibility to program each button for a different remote control

The housing is made of splash-proof material

Automatic scanning of the original remote and adapting to detected frequency

Four channels, to copy a total of five codes (it is possible to configure two buttons at the same time,

which will act as one separate, fifth channel)

Large working range - 100-150m

Applications of remote control duplicator:

In addition to home garage door keys, store roll smash keys, community gate keys, factory gate keys, electric car keys, LED light remote controls, fan remote controls, motor remote controls, toy remote controls, solar remote controls, garage door openers, etc.,d4-type remote control duplicator, d5-type remote control duplicator are suitable for all of these places! Any wireless remote can be copied easily and inexpensively with a 4 in 1 remote control duplicator.

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