Infrared (IR) break-beam sensors are a simple way to detect motion. They work by having an emitter side that sends out a beam of human-invisible IR light, then a receiver across the way which is sensitive to that same light.There are basically two types of IR sensor: Passive IR sensors and Active IR sensors. Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR sensors) do not need an infrared source to operate. PIR sensors detect the infrared rays emitted.

Infrared radiation is both emitted and received by active infrared sensors, which work in conjunction with radar technology. As a result of this technology, the sensor is able to not only detect movement in the environment, but also the distance to an object from the device. This radiation hits nearby objects and bounces back to the device.

0.4m (16in) is the range of the sensor without the IR Lens Assembly and 2m (6ft) with it. Only use the IR Lens Assembly when necessary as it will decrease sensitivity when used at a close range. Infrared beam sensors are used for detecting the presence or absence of objects in a wide variety of applications. Some examples include:

Security systems: Single infrared beam sensors can be used to secure properties by detecting any intruders that cross a virtual boundary created by the infrared beam. These sensors are often used in conjunction with alarms or security cameras.

Automatic doors: Sensors that detect infrared beams are frequently used to trigger automatic doors. For example, when someone approaches an entrance, the sensors detect their presence and open the door.

Manufacturing and assembly lines: Infrared beam sensors are used extensively in manufacturing and assembly lines to detect the presence of components and to ensure that everything is in its correct position before production continues.

Traffic control: Infrared beam sensors can be used to monitor traffic flow and manage intersections. When a vehicle passes through the beam, the sensor registers the presence and sends a signal to nearby traffic lights to adjust their timing accordingly.

Robotics: Infrared beam sensors can be used in robotics to help machines navigate and avoid obstacles. By detecting the proximity of objects, robots can adjust their movements to avoid collisions.

What are the advantages of infrared beam sensors?

Advantages of Infrared Beam Sensors

Infrared beam detectors do not need any contact with the gas to be detected.

The IR sensors have a quick response.

One beam detector can cover an area, potentially replacing many fixed-point detectors.

They are considered secure due to the point-to-point detection principle.

You should consider several factors before choosing an infrared beam sensor to ensure that it meets your requirements. Here are some important considerations:

Detection range: The detection range of the infrared beam sensor alarm is an important consideration. You should choose a sensor that has a detection range suitable for your application.

Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the sensor determines how easily it can detect objects. If you need to detect small objects or those with low reflectivity, you will need a more sensitive sensor.

Environmental factors: Consider the environment in which the sensor will operate. For example, if the sensor will be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, or dust, you will need a sensor that can handle these conditions.

Power requirements: The power requirements of the sensor are also important to consider. Ensure that the sensor can be powered by your available power source and that it consumes an acceptable amount of power.

Beam width: The sensor's beam width is another important factor. A narrow beam can provide more precise detection, but requires more accurate alignment, while a wider beam is easier to align but may not be as precise.

Output type: In addition, consider the output type of the sensor. Some sensors output simple on/off signals, while others provide analog outputs that provide more detailed information about the detected objects.

You can choose an ir beam sensor that meets your specific requirements and ensures reliable and accurate detection by considering these factors.

To keep up with the industry development, all employees of Shenzhen Yaoertai Technological Development CO., LTD. have been doing their utmost to develop new products for days. Infrared sensor & Flash light Having collected customers' needs and analyzed trends, we have spent a lot in developing new and versatile features of Other Door & Window Accessories in innovative ways.And the Remote control is designed to be unique and attractive enough to catch people's attention.

Warranty:1 YearAfter-sale Service:Online technical support
Project Solution Capability:OthersApplication:Park
Design Style:ModernPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China, Guangdong, China
Brand Name:YETModel Number:YET607, YET607
Type:infrared barrier sensorUsage:arrier photocell DC/AC 12V-24V photocell sensor beam sensor
characteristic:high stability and low powervoltage:DC/AC 12V-24V
product name:garage door sensor ,Beam infrared beamColor:Black
Certificate:CE ROHS

Product Description
Hot & cheap Automatic gate Arm Barrier photocell DC/AC 12V-24V photocell sensor beam sensor YET607
Receive Range
Infrared Frequency
Power supply
12-24v DC/AC
RX:15mA TX: 30mA
Working Environment
Temperature:-10℃ ~ +70℃
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We are ship goods by DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT at usual. If you prefer others shipment way, we also can ship them to you as your requirement.
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Q1.Could I order one piece for sample to test the quality?
Yes, sample is available

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Please let me know the frequency (433.92 is the most common frequency), code (fixed code EV1527, rolling code HCS301 or duplicator). And please also let me know the quantity, our MOQ is 100pcs.

Q3.Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we have our own factory, production line, SMT&Plug-in,automatically screw driver machine etc and R&D department.

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Yes,welcome.Our address: 5th and 6th floor block 27,lianchuang Technical zone , Bu Lan road, long gang district, Shenzhen , R.P. China

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For samples, 3~5 working days, for bulk order, 7~20 working days.

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Yes. We customized a lot of items for our clients.

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We accept T/T(Wire transfer),Western Union and PayPal, Credit card.
TT can be 30% prepayment before production, 70% balance payment before shipping.

Q8. Do all of your goods come with remote function?
Yes, our remote cotrol receiver distance is about 50-100 meters.

Q9.Do your products carry warranty?
Yes,12 months or more and permanent service.
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