YET804PC controller for rolling shutter

June 12, 2023

YET804 controller is the controller which can decode 433mhz working frequency 1527 chip remote control. Both working voltage and output voltage are 220V AC.

For automatic closing time,the delay time is adjustable and ranges from 5 seconds to 120 seconds.Its max running time is 120s.It can store 30 pieces remote control keys.

wireless controller

The controller provides +12V DC power output VCC, all signal inputs are 5V high and low, low level active.Its running/journey time range is 0-120s.This controller has an external manual switch.The switch is a single button cycle mode: on, off and stop to cycle.

This controller supports infrared photocell,after you install photocell sensor,when the door is closed, it will open automatically if resistance is detected.

There are momentary mode door closing function for your choice.

You can select whether or not to switch on the momentary mode door closing function by using the F/L dip switch( ON : momentary mode open).

wireless transmitter and receiver

Method to add and delete remote control 

About adding remote control 

Press the learning button on controller more than 1 second, release it after you see the states LED light turn on, then press any button on the remote control and it means the remote control has been programmed successful when you heard “di-di” sound ( if you don’t press any remote control button over 10s, exit the status of adding remote control, please do above again); if the remote control is already in controller memory, you will hear “di” and LED will flash once, then if you want you can add new remote control according to above steps. 

wifi controller

About deleting remote control 

Keep pressing the controller learning button for 8 seconds, the status light will come on and then go out automatically,after you hear “di-di-di” sound, it means that all remotes have been cleared successfully, at this moment you can release the learning button to exit.

DIP switch introduction:

1. DIP switch 1( AC): auto-close delay time function setting, ON with function and OFF without that function.

2. DIP switch 2: close momentary function setting ,ON with function and OFF without that function. 

Also please note that when the motor open time more than the running time you setting , the motor will stop working and will not do the auto-close function.

remote control

Rotary switch function:

1. RJ1 is used to adjust the running time.The adjustable range is between 0 and 120S. Turning clockwise is to increase the running time, turning counterclockwise is to decrease the running time.

2. RJ2 is used to adjust the delayed closing time.The adjustment range is between 5seconds to 120 seconds.Turning clockwise is to increase the delayed closing time.

Counterclockwise rotation is to reduce the trip closing time.

Okay, above are the details of our YET804 rolling shutter controller I would like to share with you.If you still have questions of this controller after you reading above introduction,please feel free to email us,we will provide more information for you.And if you are interested in this controller,please do not hesitate to place an order.

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