Why choose this Upgraded laser photocell YET611LSR-V2.0 ?

October 16, 2023

YET611LSR-V.20 Reflective Laser Photocell Sensor is the photocell which is improved from YET611LSR photocell. The difference between these two version photocell is the distance of YET611-V2.0 can be set via dip switch.

infrared beam sensor

You can set the distances to 2meters、3meters、4meters、5meters、6meters、7meters or 7.5meters. Apart from that, you can also set the distance accordingly to your requirements, as long as you set the distance between 0.3 meters and 7.5 meters.

photocell sensor

Product Operating Instructions

Power on the product, after the power indicator and status indicator flash 3 times, the power indicator is always on, the status indicator is off, and the buzzer makes a short beep, indicating that the boot initialization is successful;

Setting Distance:【The following two ways can complete the distance configuration, the user can choose the appropriate way according to the actual application needs】

Fixed Distance Configuration Method

(1)The product sets the distance through the switch on the configuration dial code. Each time the configuration dial code is used, the power indicator will blink fast 3 times and then become normally lit, indicating that the setting is successful;

(2)Refer to the above table for dip switch configurations in relation to distance.

Reflective Laser Photocell Sensor

Arbitrary Distance Configuration Method:

(1)Enter the distance setting mode: After the product is powered on and initialized successfully, within 10 seconds, the user uses a shield to cover the distance from the product (within 0.5m) back and forth 5 times, until the buzzer "beep-beep-beep", enter the distance setting mode ;

(2)The power light will flash continuously and quickly, indicating that the product has entered the state of detecting obstacles;

(3)Adjust the position of the product so that the product is within the detection range required by the user; you can also listen to the number of times the buzzer rings (slow ringing: 1 meter/times, fast ringing: 0.5 meters/times) to preliminary determination of the distance between the current product and the obstacle; 

 (4)When you hear a long beep of the buzzer, the power indicator (green light) flashes slowly for 3 times and then stays on,indicating that the distance configuration is successful, and exits the distance setting mode;

(5)When you need to reset a new detection distance, please power on again and repeat the above steps. 

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This reflective laser photocell not only supports AC9V to AC24V but also supports DC9V to DC30V. Its working current is ≤80mA@12V (Imax =150mA),and the power wastage:≤0.96W. The reaction time is ≥ 100mS.There are GND/AC、VCC/AC、NO/NC、COM interfaces for this photocell. The Product Output Type is Relay dry contact output(NO/NC Selection by product jumper).The whole set includes one photocell sensor, one manual, one hood (optional).

LED light indication

Green LED light: 1)It is mainly used to indicate the power-on status of the product; 2)It is used to indicate distance setting mode and operating mode switching;

Yellow LED light: Working status signal indication (On/Off: light off when there is an obstacle/light on when there is no obstacle.)

Above are the details I would like to share with you of our latest laser photocell,if you are interested in this photocell please do not hesitate to place an order!

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