New Product Promotion Reflective infrared photoelectric beam sensor (remote control version) YET611RI

August 21, 2023

smart garage door sensor

About our company:

Yaoertai and Hansi is the same manufactory, established in 2005, specialized in the field of manufacture about RF remote control, rf receiver, beam sensor, rf receiver module, and other accessories for more than 18 years.

YET factory guarantees you high quality and attractive price, CE & RoHS are approved, confidence in dealing and after-sales service, OEM & ODM is accepted.

Good news about this New Product Promotion price of YET611RI: 

This product is divided into imported and domestically produced due to it’s reflective lenses.

Domestic Version Sample EXW Price: $12.26/pcs;

100 pcs ≤ If your quantity <500 pcs : $10.29/ pcs

Sample Delivery Date: 3-5 days.

Product Size (LxWxH) : 100 x 40 x 35mm

Reflector Size : D82 x H8.3mm

Here are it’s attractive advantages:

1. Remote control+photoelectric sensor function; 

2. Remote control distance: >100m (outdoor open space);

3. AC/DC: 12V~24V; 

4. 315mhz/433mhz (customizable);

5. Applicable type of coding: fixed code, learning code, some domestic and foreign brand rolling code type remote control.

When you place an order, it will come to you like this. Packed in white color box, one set photoelectric sensor is in one white color box. When you open the white color box, you will see the following images: Transmit sensor+ Transmit sunshade cap, reflective lens (domestic/imported)+ reflective lens sunshade cap, one each of them, and an instruction manual. 

beam sensor

Product operation:

Copy function key: before using the product, the user should copy (copy) the key functionof theoriginal remote control (such as: on/off) according to the actual application needs. The specificcopymethod refers to the following corresponding sections;

Pairing with controller (learning) : After the copy of function keys is completed, pairing/learningoperations with controller can be completed;

Installation and debugging: Users should install the product according to the applicationscenarios,and follow relevant precautions during installation.

Product working: when the product detects obstacles, the product sends instructions to thecontroller(the specific instructions are consistent with the copy of the functional keys), so as to achieveuserrequirements.

Product installation and precautions: 

(1) During commissioning and installation, ensure that the maximum sensing distance cannot beexceeded;

(2) Install the reflective plate in a proper position, and the reflective surface shouldpoint tothesensor;

(3) Adjust the position of the sensor in the horizontal and vertical directions accordingtothereflective plate, and make the sensor point to the center of the reflective plate [During initial installation and debugging, fix the sensor, align the reflective plate with the sensor, and then movethereflective plate from near to far to the desired position];

(4) Do not power on the sensor before completing all electrical wiring of the sensor;

(5) When debugging and installing, be sure to avoid the sensing blind area of this product [noobstacle can be sensed within the blind area].


The following image is the product electrical wiring diagram:

infrared beam sensor

Brand range supported by product copy:

safety sensor

In the manual, it will provide detailed instructions on how to install it. If you don't know how to operate, install, and use this product. Don’t worry, we can send you a video to show you how to use. Also online teach you to use is ok too.

We insist on providing you with high-quality after-sales service.

The following image is one of it’s screenshot about the manual:

photoelectric sensor

The following images of YET611RI for you reference.

photocell beam sensorrf remote control switch

It will certainly be an extremely good chance to do business with you.

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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