New Product Promotion WiFi to RF converter antennas YET6956WFR-V4.0

March 12, 2024

New Product Promotion WIFI to RF converter antennas multiple remote control frequency of brands (240MHZ-930MHZ, WIFI + Bluetooth function ) YET6956WFR-V4.0

wifi converter

About our company:

Yaoertai manufacturer, established in 2005, specialized in the field of manufacture about RF remote control, receiver, photocell, module, and other accessories for more than 19 years.

YET factory guarantees you with high quality, with affordable price, CE & RoHS & FCC ID & ISO9001 are approved, OEM & ODM are accepted.


Good news about this New Product Promotion price of YET6956WFR-V4.0: 

EXW Price: $13.96 ~ $16.00 /pc (base on your quantity)
MOQ: 100 PCS

Sample Delivery Date: 3-5 days.

Product Dimension: L67.5*W54*H19.5(mm)

Here are it’s attractive advantages:

1. WIFI to RF, RF converter; 

2. With Bluetooth function;

3. Mobile phone can remotely control remote control devices; 

4. Automatic identification, addition, copying, and storage of original brand remote control;

5. 240mh ~ 930mhz; 

6. With antenna; 

7. While controlling 5 type different frequency channels of remote control.


When you place an order, it will come to you like this. Packed in color box, one RF converter is in one same color box. When you open the color box, you will see the following image: 1 RF converter, and 1 charging cable, and a manual. 

wifi to remote rf converter

Product Description

Short light touch button Wi-Fi three times to enter the network access status ( the green indicator flashes quickly )

Indicator light (connect internet / power / operation status indicator )

TEST button ( turn on recognition if need to add a remote control to support )


Product operation and instructions

Light touch button:

◆ Connect Internet function: short press the touch keys WIFI three times into the net; with APP users operate to complete network access.

◆ Remote control test function: Short press the touch button TEST. When the RF converter rings one time,long press any button on the remote control and close to the RF converter until the RF converter rings three times,indication that the device supports the remote control addition. If the RF converter makes a long beep, it means that the device does not support the remote controller.

Signal indicator:

◆ Power on status: Red light keep on.

◆ Network access status: Green light flashes .

◆ Normal working status: The green light is always on when the APP button is pressed, and the red light is always on when the APP button is released.

◆ Restore factory configuration /delete device: Green light flashes.

rf converter

In the manual, it will provide detailed instructions on how to use it. If you don't know how to operate, and use this product. Don’t worry, we can send you a video to show you how to use. Also let our engineer online teach you to use is ok too.


We insist on providing you with high-quality after-sales service.

The following image is it’s screenshot of the manual:

rf converter wifi to remote

Other important information:

1. The name of our app is "Safemate";

2. No restrictions on sub accounts;

3. If you enter the WiFi password incorrectly, the device indicator light will flash green.


The following images of YET6956WFR-V4.0 for you reference.

wifi to remote rf converter

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